Passion Collection - Inspired by Linda Sue

     Linda (known to many as Lynn) is a much loved daughter, wife, aunt, cousin, sister to two, mother of three, grandma to four, neighbor and friend to many. She is an 18 year survivor of breast cancer. Cancer came back to Lynn’s body in 2019 in the form of oral cancer. She underwent a radical 13 hour tongue surgery and then an aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatment, ultimately defeating oral cancer. The 3 month post-treatment body scan proved devastating, as cancer had started attacking one of Lynn's lungs and left femur. Now battling lung and bone cancer, Lynn was determined to fight with all she had. 

     In one particular visit following the most recent diagnosis, conversation turned to 'living life'. While healthy, Lynn admittedly stopped doing some of the things she loved because they were outside of her comfort zone. Lynn said she thought God had tried giving her a wake up call with the first cancer diagnosis and she didn't listen. In that heart to heart conversation, Lynn said that this time, she was listening loud and clear. She was adamant that after beating cancer again, she would truly ‘live life’. She wouldn’t be concerned with how she looked in a bathing suit, she would focus on what truly mattered... going to the beach to experience the waves with her grandkids. She joked about doing a cannon-ball in the pool. She looked forward to getting on the back of the motorcycle and riding with her loving husband. Truly, living.

Passion ; noun pas·sion | \ pash-uhn \ 

Passion. The definition of passion: A strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept - an ardent affection: LOVE - an object of desire or deep interest. Example: A passion for others, a passion for service, a passion for life 

     In those conversations, Lynn’s tone took on one of true passion. Passion for wanting to do the things she never did. A passion for living life. 

     Lynn lost her battle to cancer on August 16, 2020. Being from Maryland, whether eating crabs or setting them out as decorations around her house, Lynn LOVED crabs. She enjoyed going to local restaurants, meeting new people, being able to dote on her children and grandchildren and hearing other people share the stories of their lives. Inspired by and with loving memory of Lynn, we introduce our Passion Collection featuring... a crab. These designs will reflect activities, careers and hobbies inspired by loving what you do. Things that truly take passion for you to do what you love.  We ask you to remember to live life, follow your passions and make some waves. 

     A portion of proceeds are donated to non-profit initiatives that help support career driven passions, that also help others.



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